Yarndale Prep

My knitting buddy, Catrin and I are off to Yarndale again in September. We decided, and made a pact, that we would finish up all the projects and yarn that we bought there last year before this year’s trip. It doesn’t include patterns that were purchased without yarn but it does include everything else, even Dorset button kits. Catrin.
My prep is going pretty well, I am on my last 2 projects. One is a cable Aran wrap and the other, after a couple of frogs, is Romney Kerchief by Jared Flood.


I have finished my orange cardigan, another Brooklyn Tweed pattern, but I can’t find the buttons I bought the first time I knitted it so it’s just hanging around waiting.

Oh, and the other Yarndale prep is making a crochet mandala for display purposes. It gets sent off to Lucy at Attic 24 and gets made into some spectacular display for Yarndale. I’ve just pva’d the back to make it stiff, hopefully, and it’ll go in the post tomorrow ahead of the deadline for once in my life.


And for the rest of the evening I will be filing pages that I ripped out of magazines before I recycled them a few weeks ago to try and make a bit of shelf space. Great.


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