Skirts and dresses

Last weekend I taught 2 days of A-line skirt workshops, one at Guthrie and Ghani and one at Liberty. As ever I loved how everyone’s skirts turned out differently just due to their fabric choice and whether they planned their skirt to sit on their hips or waist which affects the amount of A-lining that happens. Here are some of the finishers at Guthrie and Ghani:



The last time I was at Lauren’s shop I purchased some aubergine jersey to make the Coco dress by Tilly and the Buttons. I had made a stripey one already from some stash fabric but I am beyond pleased with this version.

It seems a bit boring to make the same thing again and again but I am thinking of making a striped one for my summer holiday.

On the knitting front the finishing streak is still going strong, surprisingly. I have resisted starting anything new for quite a few weeks now but I did buy some yarn from Oxford Yarn Store on Saturday because a customer came in to show off their finished socks and the yarn was just beautiful and there were only 2 balls left so I had to get it. Besides I only have one pair of unfinished socks at the moment which is very good for me.

House of Fraser in Worcester have started a Knit and Chat every fortnight on Monday morning 11am-1pm. I went this morning and met lots of lovely ladies knitting a real mixture of projects. Even though I started going as a Rowan support person I think I will carry on going anyway as it’s ages since I went to a knitting club and I really enjoyed it! The next one is on Monday 14th.

Happy knitting and sewing!

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