Tea Towel Tablecloth

A few visits to Ikea ago, I picked up a couple of bundles of tea towels with the intention of making them into a tablecloth. I forget how much they were but they were a Bargain. I diligently washed them straight away and then they stayed stacked ready to sew for quite a long time.

Yesterday the time came for the tablecloth to be made, fuelled by a need to get things made in order to have less of these things hanging around ready to be made…

I didn’t want to unpick any of the tea towel seams but they are quite bulky so I didn’t want to seam them like normal as it would be very lumpy even if the seams were pressed flat. I decided to use this stitch, number 12,










and sew them in this manner. I kept the gap closed as I got towards the presser foot and the join is following the centre of the presser foot.


There was a slight mishap in that a couple of the tea towels were different lengths so I had to rejig my layout part way through so that the long bit would be on an edge. I don’t mind if it is a bit uneven around the edge but if you do you could re-hem them before you start putting them together.



Here is the finished tablecloth! I am really pleased with it. It is not for eating on though, just for show.


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