Birds and Gardens

A few weeks ago it was Quilts UK in Malvern and although I was working there every day, I did find time to shop. I bought some gorgeous wool felt and have spent many a happy hour making it into lavender filled birds.

I rarely do any hand sewing and actually I was surprised how much I have enjoyed it, partly because I can just pick it up for a few minutes when I have chance rather than finding a dedicated half hour or so to sit at the sewing machine. It was a lot of fun sorting through my embroidery threads for the perfect colours too.

I am sure that at this time of year everyone who has hobbies and a garden ends up being torn between the two. We have a garden waste wheelie bin which the council collects every 2 weeks and there are constant reminders from my husband at this time of year to make sure the bin is full so as to get our money’s worth. He thinks the bin is only collected from March to October… This week I surpassed even my expectations and had the bin filled later on the same day it was emptied! So although I begrudge the time it takes away from sewing or knitting, I do now have 2 weeks clear of HAVING to garden.

This rubbish looking patch of garden is actually a complete triumph of me over the brambles and grass and other stuff which I can’t identify. The bin was filled just from this patch which now, if you look carefully, is nurturing some courgettes and sweet corn. Yay!

I did have time to run a sock workshop at The Knitting Parlour on Saturday which was a wonderful day of sock knitting, obviously, along with good company and a lot of biscuits.

There were a couple of small tension issues and a misinterpretation of the pattern which contributes to the size differences but don’t they look great? They are small samples so not meant to be anatomically correct, just meant to have a go at knitting all the different parts of a sock.

Happy Knitting and Gardening! I’m off for a barbecue while the sun is still shining.

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