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Yesterday I visited Madresfield Court with my WI. For as long as I can remember I have been to fetes and things in the grounds but never been into the house. There is a fantastic maze which we failed to conquer every time we tried, relying on those who had reached the raised middle part to shout directions to everyone else! It is a magical place, a moated manor house which was the inspiration for Brideshead Revisited. After so many years of longing to see the inside, it wasn’t a disappointment. It was a treasure trove of wonderful artefacts and the stories the guide told made the people who have lived there for centuries come to life.

I am wearing a newly finished top for the occasion. It is the Sailor top by Fancy Tiger Crafts and you can download and print it out yourself. I am so pleased with the fit of it. I made this one in Liberty cotton and have at least another two in the queue. I started it on Friday night and my husband, who knows me too well, said that I had better not be trying to make that to wear on Saturday. So I sneaked around on Friday night grabbing the odd 10 minutes of sewing time here and there and did manage to finish it on Saturday morning by forfeiting a lie-in. Hurray! It is super quick to make and there are some clever construction methods which I loved.

My current project is crochet-edged pillowcases. I am having a stall at a local festival so am trying to stockpile some things ready. I made a batch of pillowcases and am having ridiculous fun picking out colours to edge them with. These two were my first.


I have been teaching a lot of Learn to Crochet workshops over the past week and it makes me want to crochet when I get home. I haven’t done much knitting at all lately. The yarn I bought from Oxford Yarn Store to  knit a Kate Davies cardi is still in the bag but will be my next project. I did almost miss my train because I spent too long choosing it, so it is special. 

Happy Crocheting!

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