The summer holidays are almost over and we have been so busy with one thing and another that I haven’t done any sewing or serious knitting for quite a few weeks. 

But this weekend we went to Carfest South in Hampshire, organised by Chris Evans for Children in Need, and I decided I needed a festival dress. I picked the Dottie Angel dress, a pattern which has just been released commercially by Simplicity, available here. I used some Dashwood Studio prints from my stash and some bits of bias binding I already had and I was pretty pleased with it. 

If I made it again, I think I would raise the neckline at the back as it is the same as the front and doesn’t look so good with a top underneath. I love the shape of the skirt though and it is comfortable to wear. The pockets are super useful; I love pockets on a dress.

The construction uses a surprising amount of bias binding, seemingly wanting to cover every single raw edge in it. I chose to zig-zag some of this, only using the binding where really necessary, around the neck and armholes.

My husband was being useless with my phone camera which is why I am looking at him with this annoyed expression on my face. Also, there were no mirrors and no irons, the dress and I are au natural.

Oh my goodness, what a great weekend we had! We went with our very good friends, the Osborn family and enjoyed food, booze and masses of fantastic music. I still haven’t made my mind up whether Take That or Paul Heaton and Jacqui Abbots were my favourites. 

Mrs O and I with a well deserved drink listening to ‘The Feeling’.

Our family aren’t that into cars but there are lots of famous cars which are pretty cool to look around, like this one

It is the actual one from the film, I think, because the sun visors have been autographed by the Back to the Future stars. The kids believed it anyway. My husbands favourite was the Batman car from the 1960′s TV show and mine was a purple original VW Beetle convertible. Mmmm. Not a famous car but anyway…

We managed to get pretty close to the front last night for Take That. It was absolutely amazing. I love them anyway but the kids knew lots of the songs and really enjoyed it too which made it even better. My daughter, however, didn’t realise that Gary Barlow was in Take That and my son who had forgotten his glasses couldn’t even tell it was Gary Barlow and only knew after we had left!

This is the best of a blurry bunch of Take That pictures but you get the gist. Basically we all know Gary is gorgeous.

I am hoping for lots of time over the next few weeks to do loads of knitting and sewing. I am desperate to start a new knitting project as I have been concentrating on finishing this ‘Still Light’ tunic which I’m knitting in Trekking sock yarn. 

  I am on the homeward straight with only a sleeve and the pocket linings to do. I love how the sleeves have come out in definite stripes because they’re on less stitches.

 That was a nice surprise, although now that I see an actual photo of the whole tunic, the colours are in quite defined stripes anyway which I hadn’t noticed!

The end of the summer holidays always leaves me with mixed feelings.  On one hand, I will miss spending time with the kids and I will miss the the lovely lie-in’s; I am not a morning person. On the other hand I am looking forward to having some time to myself again!

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