Sewing for Pleasure 

This weekend I was working with the Craft Network at Sewing for Pleasure at the NEC in Birmingham. Freddie Patmore and I were teaching four workshops, crochet, sewing and arm-knitting! It was a great weekend, lots of fun and we met lots of lovely people.

I did manage to squeeze a bit of shopping in… There seemed to me to be a lot more fabric and dressmaking than in previous years which is brilliant and I suppose driven by the popularity of the Sewing Bee to some extent.

All of my fabric came from the same place, Dots ‘n’ Stripes, who specialise in children’s dressmaking patterns and they stock a brilliant range of jerseys, corduroy and cottons in prints and designs you never see anywhere. Unfortunately my daughter is not into wearing things like that anymore, but I persuaded my 14 year old son to let me make him a hoodie jumper so that’s something.


The skirt fabric is gorgeous soft baby cord which goes perfectly with a gold/mustard cardigan that I’ve just finished. I had to buy the Tshirt fabric because it is so innovative; you buy a panel which has this large picture print on the one half and a smaller repeat print on the other half. My daughter thinks it would be very sad if I made a Tshirt for myself but I probably will anyway.




mdfI also ventured into the Hobbycrafts area of the show after a tip-off from a couple of ladies on one of our workshops about the MDF Man. You buy cut outs of MDF shapes and stick paper on them then sand off the edges and ta-da it looks amazing.
All this was ten pounds, a bargain.



My latest knitting project is Cornwallis from the Rowan Summerlite dk book. I have just finished the back after a minor setback on the garter stitch portion after I decided to work the first 2 stitches on each edge in stocking stitch so that it would look neater when sewn up. It took me about 10 rows to realise that the tension was going to be too different between the garter stitch and stocking stitch to work. Doh.

Happy knitting, sewing and sticking!

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