Summer knitting

If you’ve ever met me, you’ll know that I can’t stick to one project at a time. For the past few weeks I’ve been concurrently knitting Cornwallis and Hildegard from the Rowan Summerlite dk book trying to get them finished in time for our hols. I have a bit of a thing at the moment for mustard yellow and blue in whatever combination and while I was knitting my blue cardigan I felt an urge to have a mustard coloured dress to go with it. So two days before the holiday I made one. This is another thing which I can’t seem to change whatever my intentions; everything I do is at the last minute. Anyway, it all paid off and here they are on their hols.

Well, Cornwallis is just in the lounge because although it came on holiday the only photo was taken by the official ship photographer and I wasn’t going to pay ¬£12 for it. I did alter the pattern a tiny bit just by casting on more stitches than I needed and decreasing a little bit up the sides to make it less boxy and snug round the bottom and I moved the raglan shaping in by a couple of stitches to make it neater when it was sewn up.

The picture of me and my man is in Bilbao by a huge flower covered dog. It’s outside the Guggenheim if that helps explain the dog. I am so pleased with my dress and cardigan combo, although I did knit one of the fronts 3 times because I kept doing the pattern wrong. It’s got sort of stripes of reverse stocking stitch where sometimes it’s knit 5, purl 7 across the row and sometimes knit 7, purl 5. The first mistake wasn’t spotted until I had finished the whole thing and was wondering why the pattern didn’t match on each front. The mistake was about an inch above the rib. Grrrrr.

We went on our first cruise, sailing from Southampton to Bilbao via Guernsey and La Rochelle. It was great. I had forced myself not to start the Vertices Unite shawl even though I was desperate because I thought I’d be knitting almost all the time. I love having a brand new project for my hols. Actually there was virtually no knitting done although I could have gone to a knit and natter on the ship, I was too scared!

I can’t stop knitting it now though. There are six sections and I am on the third and there is always something going on. I’ve just noticed in the photo that I did my ssk’s the wrong way round on the left part of the blue stripe to lime green join. Can you see?  Am I going to pull it out? No. Will it annoy me forever? Probably. The perennial dilemma of knitters everywhere.

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