Professional Finishing fun at Liberty

Professional finishing techniques is the workshop that I teach the most often and although it is always good fun there are rarely any photo opportunities unless you want to see a lovely example of mattress-stitched squares. But yesterday at Liberty, with a select group of only 4, the opportunity finally came. Here is Carol who was worried about the light levels.
One of the other ladies was visiting from Japan and while she did not speak very much English, the common language of knitting prevailed and I think she really enjoyed herself. We agreed that she is super brave as none of us would ever dare to go on a knitting workshops we were in Japan!
Rather than a picture of the knitting, I took a pic of the 4 of them as we had had such a lovely day. Here is Jill, Claire, Fumiko and Carol. Thanks for a fantastic Saturday at the most special place to knit in the world!
Happy knitting.

Liberty and Tension Traumas

What a brilliant workshop I had at Liberty on Saturday. A very lively bunch who, I think, had a great time and learned a thing or two!

From left to right we have Theresa, Sue, Liz, Victoria, Ellen and Livvy. We did have Diane as well but she had to shop before I realised and could get her in the photo too. Never mind, see you for the sewing Diane!
It was a knitting in the round workshop and we were making little drawstring bags from Rowan Softknit Cotton. It turned out that Victoria, Livvy and Ellen were novice knitters so they were starting from scratch but amazingly Victoria managed to knit the bottom of the bag using dpn’s, what an achievement. She was thus nominated ‘man of the match’ by Ellen.

I have been busy re-knitting Levenwick, a Gurun Johnson pattern. I have already knitted the whole thing but had a major tension issue despite having knitted a tension square and agonising about it for ages. I decided I would knit a bigger size, to be on the safe side, and the safe side was too big. What a twit. At least it is fun to knit and I was able to salvage the button band which will save time later. The yarn is Rowan Tweed. Lovely.


It’s Quilts UK in Malvern over the weekend and I am working with Lady Sew and Sew which will be fantastic fun, hard work but a great laugh. I’m aiming not to buy anything but if I do I’ll show you.

Happy knitting and sewing!