Recycled cords

I have a pair of old cords from White Stuff which have been a bit on the tight side for a while now. So rather than having them mocking me from the cupboard I thought I would turn them into a skirt!

I have seen some pretty horrendous jeans to skirt adaptations so I avoided the usual thing of using the top part of the jeans and chopped the legs off instead. The bottoms of the legs measured the same as the hem of another skirt I have so I knew it would work. I unpicked the inside seam of each leg and then sewed them to each other leaving a bit of the side seam open for a zip.

Then I tried it on to see how long it should be and I did have to take it in a bit round the waist but that was it! A new skirt in an hour or so. (I’m not really bandy-legged; the photographer’s fault.)

A success! But other things have gone by the by. Like this lovely advent garland which I had been going strong on.

I have done half of the granny stars and they don’t take long, but I’ve not really made any inroads into making the numbers and I feel like on 6th December, it’s too late! however, I think I will carry on after christmas so it’s ready for next year.

The rest of today I am making a phone case ordered by Penny from my Etsy store and then I am onto Christmas sewing. More things that got started last year but not finished in time! Do you see a pattern emerging?