sock fever

On Tuesday 9th July I’m hosting a drop-in sock session at John Lewis in Milton Keynes. I’m really excited because I love knitting socks and it will be a treat to be on the shop floor sharing the sock love with everyone!

As you may have seen, I knitted my first skein of Rowan Fine Art into a Hitchhiker scarf. I love it but it left me wanting for a pair of socks in that yarn, as had been intended. The colour distracted me. That is the only explanation I can think of in hindsight. Anyway, I have since procured a skein each of the dark purple and the green.

The purple one has been turned, so far, into one vanilla sock with a reinforced heel. The toe is ungrafted for demonstration purposes ( she says :-) and the green skein is on its was to being Bunting socks from the Rowan Fine Art book.

So if you are in the Milton Keynes area on Tuesday come and have a mooch at the socks, have a go if you like, learn something new – maybe magic loop, all for free!

Happy Sock Knitting!

Sewing Bee Inspiration

Last week’s episode of the Great British Sewing Bee inspired my daughter to want to put patch pockets on something. Together. So she picked a T-shirt and put a pocket on the chest (she did a great job, she’s 9) and I picked an M&S linen shirt that most people seem to have so it could do with a bit of differentiation. I picked out some Liberty cord and added some ric-rac for good measure.


In other sewing news I finally finished a Simplicity Lisette tunic dress that I started last year. I had to unpick it and let it out from the waist down – it was a bit snug – but is great now. I find if I put something to the side when it’s on the brink of disaster, it usually works out when I go back to it if I’ve left it long enough.

I’ve just started knitting Silva from Rowan’s Simple Shapes Handknit Cotton in Aubergine. It’s a great style for wearing over a dress.