Making weather

It is flipping freezing which I have used as an excuse not to go out unless completely necessary. That is just for food (maybe the odd coffee engagement) and to walk the kids to and from school. The rest of the time I have been making stuff and doing things at home. Lovely.

I managed to squeeze in time to make these leather phone cases. I mentioned in my last post that I made them for Christmas presents. These are phone cases MK2, modified slightly to improve the finish on the edges. Much more perfect and for sale in my Etsy shop.

On the front of Rowan Magazine 48 was a fairisle scarf in Rowan Felted Tweed which I love. I thought it would be too big a project and would fester at the bottom of my knitting basket for years but as it turns out, I LOVE fairisle, especially now I can do it with 2 hands (thanks for the lesson lovely Sarah Hazell!). I have stalled now and again, generally at the end of the pattern repeat which is 20 stripes because the thought of starting the next 20 depresses me. It has been a labourious chore but I’m nearly there. I told Jim that if I die before him he can never get rid of the scarf. It needs to live with someone who knows how long it took.

I am going to carry on until I run out of one colour. They are using up quite unevenly so I’m going to knit some mis-matched gloves with the scraps.

Tonight my Mum and I are going to a local WI to get them knitting flower corsages so I’d better get myself organised for that. I might be able to wear my new scarf!